Opportunities with National Institute for Change


The National Institute for Change has ongoing enrollment for Master’s Level Counselor (LPC) and Social Worker (MSW) Candidates. We also accept Metropolitan State University Human Services and Healthcare Administration interns, as well as other Bachelor’s level administrative interns.

Because our client population is predominantly court involved, we are looking for assertive clinicians who connect well with our demographic, demonstrate creative initiative, empathy and administrative strengths. Groups are our primary treatment modality, so a passion for therapeutic groups is also desired. Opportunities for individuals, psycho-educational groups, and intakes are also plentiful for Master’s level candidates.

To begin the application process for an internship at NIC, please email a resume, cover letter and three references along with an anticipated start date to change@nichange.com.


If you are interested in employment at NIC, please send a resume and cover letter to change@nichange.com.  Our apprenticeship program allows clinicians new to the forensic field to receive intensive supervision while employed at a part-time level.  In addition to fostering clinical skills, this program provides the guidance and supervision needed for attaining addiction and domestic violence certifications in Colorado.


NIC is always accepting resumes for passionate clinicians wanting to work with forensic clients.  If you are interested in employment at NIC, please send a resume and cover letter to change@nichange.com.