National Institute for Change has been in business since 2003  



Therapeutic Adult Services

National Institute for Change offers a wide range of treatments and dynamic therapists who integrate individualized therapy with practical, experiential learning opportunities and applications.

Individuals who come to NIC for help quickly realize that the counseling experience is an opportunity to once again embrace life’s journey.


Therapeutic Adolescent Service

Adolescent treatment is currently available to youth with domestic violence charges and those participating in our one day classes.

One Day Classes

Our One Day Classes are interactive, hands-on, and designed to provide participants with a wide range of practical life skills. NIC’s trainers integrate cognitive based interventions and experiential learning theory with the best research to create meaning and relevant learning opportunities.



National Institute for Change has been providing therapeutic services since 2003. Our multiple locations and experienced staff provide options to meet your needs using motivation interviewing, helping identify and support wherever clients are in their change process.

We are committed to collaboration and serving clients and families with a meaningful balance of challenge and encouragement, using
state-of-the-art therapies.

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